June 29, 2007

It's Show Off Your Pet Week

"He is not dead ... he is only sleeping."

It's one of my favourite pics of Calvin.
This is usually what he looks like at about 10 pm.
And it's usually at the end of the couch I'm laying on.

June 04, 2007


I'm on summer vacation from choir.
It's a nice thing.
I LOVE choir, don't get me wrong ...
but summer break is nice too!
We had our finale last night.
Everything from Kids up through Seniors' Choir.
A FANTASTIC evening of worship & praise.

We wrapped it up
with one of my favourite songs of the season
from Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

honestly ...
I get shivers when we sing it ...
not because we're THAT great
(although we're not bad!) :)
but because it's become so real to us as a choir.

give a listen ...
BTC's Myspace has the song there for you to listen to