March 15, 2007


You will probably see a fair number of pics of Calvin on this blog because:

A) he's as cute as the dickens, and
2) I actually learn stuff from him

When I take him for walks, he will often walk and look backward at the same time ... kinda like this pic (although my calling his name from behind with a camera in hand didn't really help him in his looking forward). I'm sure the fact that Calvin's a 15 lb ball of fluff who's been attacked on 3 occasions by a 60 lb evil German Shepherd plays a role in his walking habits. But, it can be rather frustrating for me the walker. It makes forward motion kinda tough some times.

I can pull a Calvin on occasion. Keep looking back ... sometimes it's at the rough stuff of life -- the regrets ... the coulda, shoulda's of life, but sometimes it can be at the good stuff too. And while reflection is a good thing from time to time ... it can also really hinder forward movement.

I suppose the lesson to be learned is the balance of when to reflect and when to push forward.

March 14, 2007

One ... Two ... Three ...


And with that I enter the blogging world. Hmmm ... seems to be alright. I'll have to poke around the rooms, peek in the cupboards ... and see if I can make this a comfortable little cyber world.

The title of the blog ... probably a good summation of what this will become. I'm a bit of a photo freak. I love what a great image can do for the heart, mind and soul. So some of what will be put on here will be things I see as I'm out and about with a camera ... or browsing the net. Some of this will be things I learn along this road. Because really ... what's the point of the journey if we don't learn anything?

I have a hard time believing this will be a daily thing ... good grief ... that would require A LOT of learning ... and rambling. :) But I'll try and be semi-faithful.