February 23, 2008

February 07, 2008


A car barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild it.
We have the technology. We have the capability to build it to be
better than it was before.
Better, stronger, faster.

yeah ... ummmm ...
"cracked coil pack"
"nothing to do with the accident"
BUT ...
"can't run it through insurance"
so ... it's fixed ... it's running ... smoothly and effeciently
i'm thinking that apart from another idiot running stop signs ...
I'm good for another 5 years or so!

February 03, 2008


So …

I picked up the car on Saturday … looked all spiffy and shiny and stuff. Drove the future mother-in-law to the airport … car was hesitating a little while idling at stop-lights. I thought to myself … maybe it’s because it’s been sitting for 3 weeks …

This morning on my way to church … I hop on the Red Hill. It won’t accelerate above 80 km … and then … Losing power … drops to about 40 km …

Toss on the hazard lights and pray my car to the first exit (Mud & Stone Church) … get on to Mud Street thinking … I’ll go to the Petro-Can at Mud & Paramount. The car picks up speed again as I’m on level ground and gets back up to 80. I pull into the station.

Thinking to myself … maybe if I top up the fuel with some premium …
I do that … and hop in to see what it will do … and it won’t even start.


Hop out of car … and enter Petro-Can … I’m developing a fondness for them of late. Petro-Can girl lends me her phone to call CAA … I’m on hold for awhile. So I’m glad I’m using her phone instead of my pay as you go cell … because I’m thinking my $13.25 wouldn’t have lasted long. While on hold I’m texting people that need to know I won’t be at church any time soon.

Waiting on CAA … Petro-Can girl offers me a free coffee. It’s not Second Cup, but I’m taking. We’re chatting … we’re catching up on the tragic details of Heath Ledger’s life. CAA arrives and we return the car to CARSTAR’s lot because the work is guaranteed. While in the lot someone comes and asks him to get him into their car … keys locked in … in some industrial spot across the street … he says “you got $40?” He gets them in … and as we’re driving away I say … “and of course they ARE the owners of the vehicle” He responds … “the keys were in the ignition … I don’t ask for proof of ownership … if they have the cash I get them in.” Kelly thinks to self … “excellent!”

From there we head to Enterprise for a new rental (what do you think it will be this time????) … uh oh … CLOSED! ACK! He gives me a ride to the Stoney Creek arena … I’m walking home from there … because … well … after the whole I don’t ask for proof of ownership issue … I don’t know that I want him knowing where I live.

SO … Glyn will drive me to Carstar tomorrow morning … we’ll have them arrange a rental … and hopefully I’m at work early enough to not waste the day but late enough to miss the Monday morning meeting!

I’ll be sure to let ya’ll know what I’m driving.