May 18, 2008

90 | 65

Those are two pretty significant numbers.
Tonight, at the church on the mountain,
we celebrated those two numbers.
They are a quick description of the life of a man.

Rev. George P. Tunks

He celebrated his 90th birthday on Thursday.
Tonight we celebrated his retirement ...
from 65 years of ministry.

He was born 1 year before the official formation of the
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.
The same year as another great preacher:
Billy Graham.
His first wife, Ruth, was the first women ordained by the PAOC.

At the age of 83 he was hired part-time, to pastor our Seniors,
he told our Senior Pastor:
"I can give you seven years!"

Can you imagine?
Almost 20 years past the time everyone else is looking to retire ...

I can't even begin to imagine the number of lives he has touched.
The souls that are in the kingdom because of his faithfulness to the Call.

A humble man.
An intelligent man.
A gentle man.
A man faithful to the Word.
A man who's appeal reached across generational lines.
A man with a snappy sense of humour.

"I woke up happy ...
and I'm happy i woke up."

I'm going to miss him around the office.
I'm glad I'll still see him in the pew.

May 13, 2008


approximately 252
(ok that's more specific than approximate)
photos snapped today
shutter-bug friend and i did an RBG Dundas Rail Trail expedition today
she took more than i did

here are a few

May 12, 2008


... Calvin was given a bath ...
... Glyn & I got passport pictures taken ...
... we looked at wedding bands ...
... we picked up the bikes from their spring tune ups ...
... we had dinner at Milestone's ...
... it was our 1 year anniversary since the first date ...
... and it was FREE ...
... he had a $100 gift card from Horton's ...
... something about a thank you for 7 year safety record ...
... i wonder if my employer could do something like that ...

... ok ...
... i've stopped laughing about that now ...

... here's the picture of the day ...
BLEEDING HEARTS from the back yard
they look a little like pink turtles to me

May 11, 2008



my mom and the ginormous arrangement from my brother.
he's just finishing up a 3 year work term in Qatar for Exxon/Mobil
the first year he sent flowers, the delivery slip said:
"called in from Khandahar"
the arrangement was HUGE
bigger than the one's he typically sends
i'm thinking they misheard Qatar / Khandahar
and thought he was some Canadian soldier
sending his mamma flowers and made it HUGE for him

next year when the call comes in from Calgary
it will probably go back to normal

May 10, 2008


i'm going to do my best over the next 10 days
i love it when a vacation week ties into a long weekend!
... as i was saying ...
i will do my best to submit a photo a day
but we all know about the best laid plans
of mice and men

here's number #1

my new neighbour
appears to be an only child
the nest is under the carport
it's really the perfect location for the home of a bird
out of wind, rain and the reach of critters that might do harm