May 22, 2007


Apparently a game of tag is being played and I'm "IT". Hmmmm ... there are many times I receive these types of things as an email and I ignore. Perhaps that could be random thing #1 ... but that wouldn't be in the true spirit of the game would it?

I am to post the rules ... and here they are as they were given to me ... "Each person starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their eight things and post the rules. At the end of your blog, tag eight people and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog." I am declaring now ... I probably won't tag anyone else ... because frankly ... I don't know 8 bloggers that haven't already been tagged ... and I don't think strangers would want me doing that. Can you tell that I'm procrastinating?

1. I AM ... highly phlegmatic ... and well procrastination comes with the territory! You all should consider yourselves blessed that I'm responding to this as quickly as I am! :)
2. I HAVE ... rafted the Nile ... and nearly died ... I have pictoral evidence! At least of the rafting not of the nearly dying ... thankfully the guides were guiding at that point and not snapping pics with the waterproof camera from a distance!
3. I MUST ... have a nibble of really good chocolate almost every day! I can skip a day but I get the shakes and can be a little irritable.
4. I CAN ... quote almost verbatim the entire movie "The Sound of Music" ... and a life long dream is to go to Austria and twirl about as Maria did on that side of the mountain while singing "the hills are alive with the sound of music."
5. I AM ... the youngest of 4 children and the only girl ... and I am not / was not spoiled. HONEST ... well maybe a little, but not nearly as much as my three big bro's would claim! ;)
6. I OCCASIONALLY ... (well ok ... fairly often) snort in the midst of laughter ... I come by it honestly ... it's genetic on my mother's side.
7. I ABSOLUTELY ... love Calvin and Hobbes ... I can still laugh out loud while reading old strips.
8. SOMEONE ... I would love to have dinner with ... (you know the whole anybody living or dead question) ... would be Corrie ten Boom. One of my heroes of the faith ... I would love to be able to pick her brain.


Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

Rafting the Nile? How cool!!!

Your post is really good!

Patti said...

do you plan to video the Austrian twirling?

Kelly said...

RAFTING ... was VERY cool, big giant spiders on sides of rivers, big snakes slithering through rivers ... floating in life jackets (at the end of the rafting) until the guide said: "ok back in the boats the water's too slow moving, gotta worry about alligators (or were they crocs?)" I'm not sure if he was joking but we hauled up into the raft pretty quick! :)

TWIRLING ... i want the whole Julie Andrews experience ... hire a helicopter to fly over the mountains and then zoom in on me twirling and singing.

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

big giant spiders on sides of rivers

I would die because I would faint and drown and be eaten by the big snakes.

A man with a weapon - hey, I'll stay and fight. An eentsy weensty spider - I scream like a girl and either jump up onto something or run on the spot.

But, shhh.... don't tell anyone - I got a reputation to keep, eh.

Patti said...

Hmmm, I think you ability to assess threat might be a little skewed in the case of spiders.


Patti said...

kelly...where are you??...

Bob said...

I think she's at Stoney Creek Dairy eating ice cream & waiting for that book club to meet.

Kelly said...

LOL ...

I am here ...

BOB ... i have not yet been to the Dairy this season ... i have a rule, i have to walk, I can't drive (it's too easy) ... and Calvin's not led me that way while on our walks!

i'd like to claim busy at work ... but frankly ... that's not the reason ...

started dating someone a month ago ... and somehow time with him appears more attractive from day to day! ;)

i will attempt to be more faithful!