June 29, 2007

It's Show Off Your Pet Week

"He is not dead ... he is only sleeping."

It's one of my favourite pics of Calvin.
This is usually what he looks like at about 10 pm.
And it's usually at the end of the couch I'm laying on.


Bob said...

Is Calvin a "stone killer" too,like Millhouse,cleverly disguised as a cute pet??

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

Calvin is sooooo cute!!!

Patti said...

If you're lying on the couch, are you in the same position?

Kelly said...

BOB -- calvin will leap at you ... he's a mighty fine jumper ... the extent of the killing is ... licking you to death.

THREAT -- i whole heartedly agree

PATTI -- ummmm depends ... sometimes ... i find that if i have the remote in my hand it's not so comfortable like that :)

Dwayne said...
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