August 09, 2007


a little while later his mate showed up
for her turn at the sunflower seeds


Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

Good shots!

What kind of camera are you using?

You always seem to have the nicest pictures.

Kelly said...


It's a simple point & shoot.
Kodak Easyshare ... the thing that makes it is the 12X optical zoom.

I'm presently coveting a Nikon Digital SLR ... it's my goal to make the purchase by the end of the year. If not for silly things like BRAKE REPAIRS I'd have it already! :)

Patti said...


Bob said...


Patti said...

Nice to meet Glyn today Kelly!!

(Am I spelling his name right?)

If he can survive an afternoon like that, he's a quality guy!

Kelly said...

Patti - yep you got it right.

It was a fun afternoon.
It was interesting to watch Glyn's responses through it all. He said on the way home "THAT was a lot of fun!"

I think he's a keeper too! :)

Bob said...

Hey Kelly
the spec publishes a local picture every day on the first page of the classified section - one of your feathered friends would look good there.

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

Brake repairs... hmmm...

I guess those are important... :p

Patti said...

If you get a two-fer-one, let me know.

We need our brakes done too.