January 15, 2008


... FIRE RED ...
that's what I'm presently driving.
I feel very Shera-ish while driving it.
How can you not?
and FIRE RED ...
not just red ...

It's totally NOT my personality.
But I'm going to see if I can alter my personality for 3 weeks.
That's how long I have the rental.

I was kinda hoping I'd get a write-off declaration from my insurance.
Because I could get a good used car ...
toss some of the spare loonies in the ING Marriage account.
but apparently it's repairable.

The frame is good.
I'm trusting the garage ...
and more importantly GOD to look after it all.


Patti said...

I know there is a fire-red personality in you ... let 'er out!

Hope your car repairs are wonderfully reliable. (You know, for the solid navy blue part of your personality)


Dwayne said...

Fire red aside, the Avenger is a nice car, is it not? My Dodge is orange.

Oh, and I'm listening to Brooklyn Tab's "I'm Amazed" as I type this. You shold crank that in your speedy red car as you drive up the mountain!

Kelly said...

I'm a closet FIRE RED ... it comes out in spits and spurts! :)

I'm hoping the repairs go well too, I don't want the 'It's never been the same since ...' experience.

I do LIKE the Avenger. It's got a lot of pep. And Shelley who owns the Caliber say's it's very similar.

I LOVE BTC's "AMAZED". We're singing 3 songs from it for the next choir season. I Bless Your Name, High & Lifted Up, and Song of Moses Hallelujah Anyhow is probably my favourite on the album.

Dougie G said...

I'm not a " Red Car" person either. But it's just a rental, so enjoy the experience! Hope everthing works out well for you. The object of insurance is to place you back in the same position you were in before the loss.( I was in the business for 15years) So if everthing isn't the same, don't be shy, let em know and get em to fix it!

Bob said...

I'm thinking you should have a special outfit that you wear while driving the fire red avenger - kind of like Batman or Catwoman.
The Red Avenger - great name for a new super hero.

Kelly said...

RED ... I actually have a red car (well it's in the shop). But it is called Sangria Red ... and well that's just more ummmm sedate, mellow. Sounds like I should be on a beach somewhere ... sipping something.

OUTFIT ... if you do a careful google search for "shera" + "cartoon" (using the quotes) ... I was thinking of that outfit!