October 11, 2008


we've all got something to be thankful about.
i'm thinking these guys were happy they were being shot
by a Nikon D40

somewhere along a back country road
between stoney creek & stratford
wednesday, october 8th



Patti said...

haha!! that's an awesome picture!!!

Joe said...

My eyes are dim... is it a herd of buffalo? No wait... it's supper tonight?

Kelly said...

LOL Joe!

23 gobblers were just trapsing about in a wet field.

they quickly hid out in the trees. they're probably used to people pulling up in cars and aiming things a little more potent than a camera!

Dougie G said...

I've always wondered what a wild Turkey would taste like. Good picture. My in-laws get them in their back yard in Dunnville. Happy Thanksgiving.