February 09, 2009

Wiarton Willie Who????

I don't care what Wiarton Willie or Punxsutawney Phil have to say.
I saw a Robin yesterday.
I will trust in their arrival as the sign of spring being 'round the corner.
This is not my picture of the Robin I saw coming up the Kenilworth.
I try not to drive and take pictures at the same time.
SPRING is just around the corner!


Don G said...

Kelly, my camera has a setting for taking pictures through glass. Want to borrow it ?

Joe said...

Kelly, I always picture you with a camera in your gun hand. Fastest shutter in the west. ;)

Nice to see you posting again.

Dougie G said...

Are you sure? If I was that Robin, I'd be packin my bags and headin back to Florida for a few more weeks!

Dougie G said...

Ok! I believe you. I saw a Robin today in Toronto. It almost hit my bus. Flew right in front of me.I noticed it was kind of skinny and the red breast was not very bright. but ti was definetely a Robin. It's too cold for them! Hope they survive ok.