April 30, 2010


I'm tossing this out there because the more people that know the less likely I am to go back on what I want to accomplish ... or at least that's my hope.

NO ... I do not want to begin training for the Tour de France. Although I wouldn't mind seeing it live. That would actually be really cool. As long as I could sit on the side of a French country road and eat a baguette with a hunk of lovely cheese whilst sipping a cafe au lait.

I DO ... want to get out on the bike more this season. That starts with the bikes needing to be tuned up next week. Last year was a total loss (and my waist line is proof) ... what with the wedding ... the renovating and the back problem that lingered through most of the summer.

I AM ... starting Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG DARE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I get to track what I'm eating and it's easy. I just had a Yoplait Vanilla Tango Yogurt. Plug it in and it tells me the cals, the fat, the carbs etc. I set up my goal. It starts me out with the specified CALS for the day and subtracts from there. It also logs Calories burned too. Did you know that 15 minutes of Wii Boxing burns 110 calories? ;)

So there you go. Laying it out there. Onward and upward. Wagons Ho! Here we go.

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Patti said...

Hey! Good for you. :)

I'm thinking of running a 5K race in July, but that would entail running now ... and I just signed up for a summer course.