April 25, 2007


One of the left-over flowers
from a women's meeting this week.
Lilies are a favourite of mine


Joe said...

Nice shot. I love close-ups of things natural. You get to see the wonder of its makeup.

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

What a good picture! Did you take that?

Oh, I need to get my camera fixed...

Sue said...

When are you going to enter these pics in a contest? Or send them to Hallmark. You could make some $$.

Kelly said...

SOOOZIE ... you make me laugh. You have FAR more faith in my picture taking abilitiy than I. I've seen contest winning pics ... they're just better.

But I still like snapping away!

Patti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patti said...

I can pick up my camera this weekend!

And then I can join your picture-taking ranks.

Except I'm at a women's retreat this weekend, so I CANNOT pick it up.

(sigh of frustration)

(Sorry for the deleted post - I couldn't stand one of the spelling errors, haha)