April 23, 2007


One of the choir songs for this season is one that I would call an "ouch song". Not the triumphant ... woohoo God songs ... but man is it powerful ...

For all the times I’ve been unfaithful
For every time I’ve been untrue
For every time I’ve been ungrateful
For all You’ve done and all You do

For when my pride has been unbroken
For when my soul has been unmoved
For all the praise I’ve left unspoken
When I owe everything to You

For when my heart has been unyielding
When my devotion went unproved
For all the days I’ve been unwilling
To take my cross and follow You

Please forgive me

Oi ... sometimes ... i can do all the "right" things when it comes to visible things and blow it so bad on the unseen things ...

Please Forgive Me (Travis Cottrell, David Moffitt & Sue C. Smith.) c. 2003 New Spring.


Joe said...

Hi Kelly. I liked what you posted. It is so true. I know I have blown it so many times since coming to know Jesus that it is beyond count. Both in the things that could be seen and even more in the things that cannot. Fortunately He never gives up on me. There is always time and room for repentance. I hope that this next season I am entering will prove me a bit truer to his call.

Patti said...

Those are huge lyrics. Powerful words.

Not easy to sing lightly.

Our worship team learned a song recently - I don't think we've taught it yet - but it has as one of the lines...

"Spirit, we ask you to fill us, to come in and change us and move us...

To carry our mortal worship to the divine". I love that last line!

Kelly said...

JOE ... i hear ya on the "too many to count" ... it's a good thing HE doesn't eh? INcomprehensible forgiveness.

PATTI ... mortal worship. I like that. There are times I'm astounded at HIS finding any value in what I have to offer.

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

There are times I'm astounded at HIS finding any value in what I have to offer.

Me too!

chRistine s. said...

I actually spoke to my sunday school class this week about thinking critically, especially during "worship".. I challenged the children to THINK about what they were singing and ask themselves if they meant it or not..

(jesus you're my super hero, you're my star, my best friend..)

Perhaps we adults could use the same advice? Amazing lyrics to that song, I don't think my church sings it, yet...