March 08, 2008



Dougie G said...

Did he used to be a solid brown colour?

Patti said...

Heehee! Soooo cute!

My 2 nephews and niece are my parents' house with me - they looked quite similar to Calvin a few minutes ago, after coming inside.

Particularly the youngest, who was enjoying diving into snowdrifts, headfirst.


Don G said...

Is that a dog or a polar bear cub ?

Kelly said...

creamy white ... touches of apricot.

i'm not sure what the joy of sticking your head in a snowbank is. calvin seems to enjoy ... kids seem to enjoy ... i'm thinking it's a joy we humans lose as we age.

when kids come in from it they peel off the layers and the snow ... calvin comes in with snowballs frozen to his fur. it comes off when it melts ... or when it gets rolled off on the carpet.

Joe said...

Hmmm... did a snow bank give birth to a dog?

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

Oh, he is sooo cute!

Good pic!