September 06, 2007


Because Patti is a little weary of all the unhappiness
being spread about out there!

Here are some shots from BGT's annual
McQuesten Park Festival.
It's the PARTY we throw for our community.

'Cause you really can't go wrong with face painting,
jumpers & bunnies to pet!


Patti said...


I feel better already!!!

Is there a picture with YOUR face painted?

Kelly said...

Patti ... no pics of me with MY face painted ... i was one of the official photographers! :)

but here's one with me and a coupl-a-clowns

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

Adorable children!

I like the picture of the jumper with the upside-down kid in it.

Patti said...


Kelly said...

hmmmm just realized ... i'm no longer anonymous ... i've put my face to the blog ... drat! :)

Threat - like that one too ... and I love the older lady getting her face painted. I saw her later at the hotdog stand and told her "I have a GREAT picture of you ... maybe we'd use for promo next year." she responded "NOT with my name!" :) hilarious

mrv said...

Great Pics Kelly!!!!

Love putting a face too the dialogue.

Kids are cute, esp..the one with the bunny!!!