October 22, 2007


I've been told it's been a whole month (and a day) since I've done anything here. The question is .... does that mean i've seen nothing and learned nothing? That would be sad indeed. I have seen things ... there's a few pics posted below. I've learned a few things too (whew!)

Yesterday walking with Glyn and the kids to and through Battlefield Park. ARE WE THERE YET? I'm not quite sure how many times that phrase was uttered ... but it was greater than 15 and less than a million.

It's a phrase I've uttered on numerous occasions when in conversation with God. I sometimes get impatient with the journey. I'd like to arrive at the various destination spots along the way a little more quickly. I've learned though ... sometimes if I'm all impatient to "get there" I can miss some pretty impressive stuff along the way. I wonder if He gets tired of hearing the question?


Tyana, Glyn Jr & James @ Battlefield


Woodpecker @ RBG Arboretum

Dundas Rail Trail


Bob said...

nice pics Kelly
I remember one year we planned a trip to Virginia Beach - a 16 hour drive. We had not gone 2 blocks when from the back seat came that mournful cry "Are we there yet?".
It was a long drive.

Joe said...

I love those little woodpeckers. If you are still and hold out your finger they will land on it. I've tried a couple of times to take a picture of one on my finger but my one handed camera technique needs a lot of work.