October 26, 2007


Mt. Hood, reflecting on Trillium Lake in Oregon

I was thinking of this photo last night during choir practice.
It's one I snapped a few years ago
while on a west coast road trip with my brother.
Thought about it because of a song we're singing.
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir's MY HELP
I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
From whence cometh my help
My help cometh from the Lord
The Lord Which made heaven and earth
He said, He will not suffer thy foot;
thy foot to be moved
The Lord Which keepeth thee
He will not slumber nor sleep
For the Lord is thy keeper
The Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand
Upon thy right hand
For the sun shall not smite thee by day
Nor the moon by night
He shall preserve thy soul
Even forever more

My help, My help My help, All of my help Cometh from the Lord

It's one of my favourites from BTC.

Enjoy the audio version HERE

MY HELP - Jackie Gouche Farris, 1997 Iriving Music, Inc. / J Gouche Publishing


Teri said...

Nice Blog :)

mrv said...

Great pic of Mt Hood Kelly.

I was laughing when i got in here cause I was going to tell about the "Virgina trip" ....too late
Bob beat me too it.


Joe said...

I find this scripture to be interesting but I put a question mark after the first two lines

I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
From whence cometh my help?

For our salvation doesn't come from the hills but from the Lord our God who speaks out from His holy hill. Though I don't get many agreeing with me on the placement of that question mark.

By the way, that is a beautiful shot of Mt Hood.

Sheepdog said...

Wow. You always have fantastic pictures!

I like that song, too.

Patti said...


Patti said...

Maybe this song would be helpful when dealing with my cat.