April 03, 2008

under the snowbank

I'm amazed at what "springs" to life under
the snowbank in the front yard.


Joe said...

Spring comes early to your front yard. We still have two feet of snow where the flowers will eventually be. Of course it was sidewalk snow and road accumalation from the winter. Linda can't wait to get to our 12 square feet of flower bed.

Lovely pic. That new camera is working wonders.

Don G said...

Salt must be a fertilizer if those blooms were under the snow---or is it in your backyard ?
Beautiful ---ain't nature grand ?

Dougie G said...

I found a few things under our snowbank too, but not as nice as yours.

Kelly said...

it's the front yard ... it gets FULL sun all afternoon so the snow disappeared rather quickly.

the snowbank from the driveway ... so no salt added! :)

i noticed this morning a robin building a nest on a ledge under the carport ... maybe in a few weeks i can have some nice pics from there ... if they let me.

Bob said...

where's some spring pics from Kelly - its been over a month ??