May 10, 2008


i'm going to do my best over the next 10 days
i love it when a vacation week ties into a long weekend!
... as i was saying ...
i will do my best to submit a photo a day
but we all know about the best laid plans
of mice and men

here's number #1

my new neighbour
appears to be an only child
the nest is under the carport
it's really the perfect location for the home of a bird
out of wind, rain and the reach of critters that might do harm


Don G said...

You have a great capacity of seeing the unusual, Kelly.m Thanks for sharing. That's a fantastic shot of the chick. Few of us would have the opportunity to find a shot like that.

Patti said...

aaaawwwwwww!!! soooo cute!

You truly are a talented photographer.

Dougie G said...

Have you named him/her yet? Is it a Robin?

D_Morrison said...

What a remarkable picture Kelly.M!

Kelly said...

It is a robin ...
I'm thinking he should be called


Christopher Robbin!