May 11, 2008



my mom and the ginormous arrangement from my brother.
he's just finishing up a 3 year work term in Qatar for Exxon/Mobil
the first year he sent flowers, the delivery slip said:
"called in from Khandahar"
the arrangement was HUGE
bigger than the one's he typically sends
i'm thinking they misheard Qatar / Khandahar
and thought he was some Canadian soldier
sending his mamma flowers and made it HUGE for him

next year when the call comes in from Calgary
it will probably go back to normal


Don G said...

" Who can find a virtuous woman ? For her price is far above rubies./ Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates ". Prov.31:10/31
Pass on my regards to your mom. She must be an awesome lady. I can tell by her picture !keqenzwa

Patti said...

Hi to your Mom from me too!!

Dougie G said...

All moms deserve a memorial day. Hope she had a good one.

Joe said...

Glad to see you are back to blogging.